This Art Gallery in Intramuros Is Pet-Friendly

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It's been the subject of many studies that our pet dogs are "more human than canine," as pointed out in an article by the National Geographic. They know when we need some comforting, read facial expressions, let us know if they're jealous, and are aware if we're sick (as in the case of seizure-alert dogs). They may need their daily dose of culture, too. And NCCA Gallery in Intramuros allows dogs and pets to check out their exhibition—as long as they don't pee on the works.

NCCA Gallery's new signage installed in June shows three rules inside the cultural space: No to smoking, no to littering, yes to dogs. (They're hard to resist, after all.) This pet-friendly policy was also confirmed by Germilina Santos, managing curator of the NCCA Gallery.

In an exchange with, she says: "The signage is for the whole Intramuros, most areas are declared pet-friendly institutions. If the case is inside the gallery, there may be a designated area to leave the pets in the vicinity where there is a guard on duty for pet safety, or please let the guard know that you are bringing your pets inside where there are exhibitions, so that they can explain whether pets are allowed to roam freely or not. If pets are trained as emotional support animal, please let the security guard know also."